Meet the Team

Chris Gamble


Chris is a leader of our culture and value creation, a part of Caliber’s broader Advisory Practice. With deep expertise in improving company performance by asking tough questions, listening well, digging in and rolling up his sleeves.
Working broadly in the public and private sectors, Chris is focused on aligning with an organization’s change agenda to deliver positive results and sustain scalable change. His expertise is particularly applicable to helping clients challenge the status quo and reimagine what is possible in their vendor ecosystem. Through decades of learning from the mistakes of others and choosing not to replicate, Chris’s unique ability is to deliver an innovative outcome, not to merely advise one. Chris has a passion for helping others and strives to be the embodiment of Caliber’s core values.

Examples of recent successes include:

  • Advised a major American brand of oil and gas filling stations how to avoid the recommendation of a service provider that would result in operational disaster
  • Created action plans to capture substantial organizational savings for a leading North American utility with efficiency opportunities translated into specific implementation plans
  • Helped a large American energy company envision and plan an IT operational redesign—including structure, output, and coordinating mechanisms—to repurpose $1B in operational expense in 12 months
  • Challenged a multibillion-dollar industry to evolve and deliver profound value to clients, it worked

Chris previously held a fellowship role in Caliber’s Energy Practice in Houston, TX. He holds an BA from the University of Houston and participated as a student-athlete on the varsity football team. Chris’s wife Jillian was also a student-athlete having played for the university’s volleyball team.

Ryan Manning

Professional Services

Ryan brings over 20 years of IT industry experience to Caliber in enterprise environments spanning the Oil and Gas, Healthcare, Energy, Aerospace, Telecommunications, Government, and Banking industries. Ryan began his career in IT as a software engineer and then architect. Over time, his roles transitioned to focus on Security and Enterprise Architecture.

Having worked inside large enterprises and seen what did and didn’t work, Ryan decided to apply that experience in other organizations as a consultant to help them achieve their goals. He now has over 14 years of experience delivering results for clients and brings that same aggressively result-focused mindset to Caliber.

Examples of recent successes include:

  • Delivering a complete cloud-first infrastructure architecture and deployment for an Oil and Gas supermajor joint venture on a very tight timeline
  • Working with another supermajor to define and plan for the architectural, business, and financial implications of blending Security infrastructures of two organizations in a $20B merger
  • Creating a complete Cloud Security Governance model tailored to the needs of a global engineering firm to enable rapid growth and responsiveness while maintaining an aggressive security posture

Charles Tips

Chief Technology Officer

Charles is a creative at his core. With a long history in technology in engineering, architecture, and operations roles, Charles understands how to apply technology to solve problems. Charles also has a unique ability to translate technical and complex concepts into easy to consume strategy and educational models for his audience.

Charles’ past includes starting a web hosting company at age 16 which launched his interests in supporting the goals of others and being of service to clients. Charles likes to jump into the most complex problems and works well in team environments enabling those around him to be their best. His experience in large enterprises has given him an unmatched understanding of how to scale solutions as well as how to work within the many different groups that make an organization run. When his friends and clients need someone to provide a different perspective and an honest set of ideas for their toughest situations, they call “Tips”.

Examples of recent successes include:

  • Delivering a strategy and roadmap of ideas to digitally transform the business from a traditional model to one that utilizes technology to its fullest potential.
  • Helping a large enterprise organization streamline their internal processes to create new ways of internal communication, consumption of technology, and adoption of solutions. This lead to a significant increase in bringing offerings to market and profitability.
  • Leading a team of technology experts to solve several ongoing and complex support issues as well as developing a plan to triage any future issues. This lead to faster problem resolution times and greater end client experience.
  • Development of enterprise connectivity strategy for remote sites that encompassed the latest technology and a strategy to fully fund the transformation initiative within 12 months. It also led to a 3M future savings over the existing connectivity strategy.
  • Development of comprehensive cloud strategy for an enterprise organization which included education on the strengths and weaknesses of public and private cloud options as well as a deep understanding in how to align corporate financial and technology goals to the public cloud offerings. This strategy was successful in mitigating unnecessary spend as well as understanding how to properly position technologies to deliver business outcomes.